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Nordic Dry will undertake detailed assessments of your specific requirements and provide a comprehensive assessment of requirements for your shipments. 

We take into account the cargo type, voyage duration, routes, layover, period between stuffing and un-stuffing to determine the size of bag most applicable and the number of bags required for any given consignment. 

We can undertake trials for you whereby we can provide data-loggers to record the internal condition of the container through the voyage. We weigh the Nordic Dry bags before and after the shipment to determine the quantity of moisture absorbed and then combined with the data logger information will provide recommendations for your future shipments to assure you that moisture issues will be eradicated. 

Pricing and Minimum Order Quantity 

Nordic Dry is a cost effective solution to ensure that your cargo is not compromised by moisture.  Expect a cost per container from $40 to $80 based upon the quantity required. 

For industrial clients we are pleased to offer direct to the client from the factory delivering at the lowest cost possible. Our pricing is flexible and we reward for regular custom and high volume. 


We are pleased to offer variable INCO terms and pleased to deliver direct to the door or provide Ex Factory. 

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.

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