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Nordic Dry Performance

Nordic Dry will absorb up to 250% of its own weight. The active ingredient is Calcium Chloride which is mixed with a Coco Peat binding agent to maintain saturated Calcium Chloride in a solid form . 

We have tested our product extensively in our in house climate chamber against all major brands and are convinced in our best in class performance.

Our inner bags are tripple layered and outer bags double layered. The seams are all heat welded closed to ensure and guarantee the watertightness. For additional strength the outer  bags are double stitched to ensure that if saturated bags are dropped the bags remain completely intact and the contents cannot be exposed to the environment. 

Nordic Dry bags are designed to reduce the surface area of Calcium Chloride to ensure the bags remain active for as long as possible. If properly applied Nordic Dry Bags should last for up to 3 months.  


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