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Nordic Dry


Since 2000, Nordic Dry has provided quality container dry bags products to protect precious containerised goods from moisture damage. Get in touch to see how we can assist you ensure your shipments arrive in perfect condition.

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Nordic Dry Desiccants 

Moisture damage during container transport is  costly and unpredictable.


Of the 1700 million tonnes of goods shipped each year by container freight it is estimated that $50,000 million is damaged as a result of excessive moisture related issues. 

Shipping containers will inherently experience moisture variations whilst in transit especially when moving between climatic zones. At the point of loading moisture is trapped in the container and as temperatures vary, the relative humidity swings and moisture trapped in the container can turn to condensation.

By using Nordic Dry desiccants, you can control the buildup of relative humidity and prevent condensation affecting your valuable goods and affecting your customer relationships. 



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