Nordic Shipping Services have had experience with humidity control for over twenty years and currently, we are providing solutions for logistic and shipping companies to protect against humidity related damages.

To better serve our customer, our products are customized for each individual application and we have an expert team who can carry out tests to determine the optimal solution for every customer.

So far, we have carried out hundreds of tests for multinational companies with extremely good results on a variety of products like; agricultural products, canned food, furniture, metal products, spare parts, electronics, glassware, polymers, detergents, compartments and many others. We are currently protecting coffee beans, cocoa beans, canola seeds, furniture, machinery equipments, spare-parts, containers, warehouses, ships\Yacht and all other humidity sensitive areas.

Nordic products are of international standards, it is environmentally friendly, energy free, easy and safe to handle. Compared with other competing products, it is also very economical. On top of that, it fulfils EU REACH criteria and US FDA approved.

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Nordic and DMF

Read more on EU Commission Decision 2009/251/EG on the prohibition of DMF and how Nordic products comply with this important EU regulation.

Nordic and REACH

Read more on REACH and how Nordic products comply with this important EU regulation.

Nordic is coming close to you!

To help serve you better, Nordic is committed to providing you the best service possible where you are.
We are looking for distributors in Europe; North and South America; and Africa to expand further into this markets.
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Now protecting :
Agriculture products

coffee, tea, tobacco, rice, flour, starch, pepper, ginger, cashew nuts, ground nuts, betel nuts, cocoa, copra, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Wooden products
furniture, mouldings, timber, wood pulp, paper products, etc.

Electrical goods
appliances, cables, toys, etc.

Leather goods
footwear, bags, garments, furniture, etc.

Metal products
sheets, coils, machinery,
auto spare parts, aluminium billets, copper products, etc.

garments and fabrics, etc.


Nordic protects you from
- mold
- corrosion
- rust
- caking
- fungus
- mildew

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